Journal Officiel de la Société de Radiologie d’ Afrique Noire Francophone / Official Journal of the Radiological Society of Francophone Africa

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Male Urethra Revealed by Urethro-scrotal Fistula: a Case Report.

Boniface MOIFO, Carine NJOMATCHOUA, Jean Roger MOULION TAPOUH, Justin KAMGA, Johann Emrich GONSU KAMGA, Zachari SANDO


Primary cancer of the male urethra is rare and of unknown etiology. The average age of onset is 60 years. It is mostly located on the bulbo-membranous urethra. We report a case of primary squamous cell carcinoma of the membranous urethra, discovered when exploring an urethro-scrotal fistula with chronic urinary retention. An urethrocystogram was suggestive of filling defect in the membranous urethra associated to urethro-scrotal fistula.  Doppler ultrasound of the urethra confirmed the presence of an endo-urethral mass. Histology of the urethral partial resection concluded of squamous cell carcinoma of the membranous urethra. In the light of this case, we discuss the clinical features and difficulties in early diagnosis of these cancers in low-income countries.


squamous cell carcinoma; urethral-scrotal fistula; urethral mass. Pheochromocytoma

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